Paying for solar panels with the help of data and smart meters

Solar panels, they are perhaps even more of a topic than that other topic, the question: will our next car have a plug? Of course it is not a mainstream topic because with both there should be room within your budget to think about this. The discussion about the car may be extra luxurious, but the subject of energy and energy costs concerns everyone. And quite honestly the question of whether or not you should put solar panels on your roof should not exist. Now that the government has decided that from 2026 a hybrid heat pump will be mandatory when replacing a central heating boiler, you wonder whether solar panels are not becoming a must by now.

For some, the investment in solar panels still seems a bridge too far. The stumbling block is often the discussion in how much time you can (or want) to recoup them. The answer is twofold because whatever you have to pay, you can recoup that entire investment in an increasingly shorter period of time. That is also the second part of the answer, because with the explosive rise in energy prices, the payback period is only getting shorter.

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