Starlink for aircraft

Ind last year, reports were already circulating that Starlink was in talks with a number of airlines to also roll out the satellite internet service to aircraft. Well, today the company presented Starlink Aviation. Indeed, a satellite internet service for aircraft. Interested airlines can order these from now on. The first deliveries will start in 2023.

Starlink Aero Terminal
That in itself is of course a no-brainer. After all, the Starlink internet connection is offered from space. Each subscriber connects through a company satellite receiver. These are of course too large to be mounted on an aircraft, but Starlink Aviation has developed a special antenna for this, the Aero Terminal. It looks a bit like a skylight, without a window, that is mounted on the roof of an airplane (see photo below). According to Starlink, this would be a simple, little time-consuming job that can be performed when the aircraft is in the hangar for standard maintenance.

According to Starlink, the Aviation internet service offers download speeds of up to 350 Mbps and a latency of 20ms. That is not unusual at home, but if you zoom through the airspace at 950 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 11 kilometers, that is of course more than enough. With that download speed, Netflix is ​​no problem at all.

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